Commercial Extruded Curb


Kent Commercial Extruded Curb


If you are searching for a reliable company that deals in commercial extruded curb in Kent, WA, look no further! At Maxon Paving, we understand the importance of your Kent commercial extruded curb. Our Kent commercial extruded curb team provides you with durable and cost-efficient Kent commercial extruded curb construction, repair, and related solutions. Get in touch with our professional and experienced team today!

In addition to providing you with Kent commercial extruded curb services, we also take pride in our asphalt paving, commercial striping, signage, resurfacing, crack filing, asphalt repair, and concrete repair services. We would love to help you if you are looking for Kent commercial extruded curb for your property. You may be interested in our Kent commercial extruded curb services if you are searching for:

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Maxon Paving is the name to trust when it comes to great quality Kent commercial extruded curbs. Call us today! Dial (253) 319-3007.

Kent Concrete Curbs


Interested in Kent concrete curbs? Concrete is a great material that provides durability and an aesthetic appeal to your commercial property. Maxon Paving provides you with dedicated resources for your Kent concrete curbs. We take pride in our manpower, technical abilities, and expertise to provide extruded curb repair, new extruded curbing, poured in place concrete, and gutters.

Contact us if you are interested in Kent concrete curbs for your commercial property.

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For more information on Kent concrete curbs, get in touch with Maxon Paving. Call us today at (253) 319-3007.

Kent Concrete Curb Contractors


Maxon Paving has some of the best Kent concrete curb contractors for your project. While concrete is considered to be quite tough, it can deteriorate over time due to several factors, for instance, high volumes of traffic, heavy vehicles, and environmental wear and tear, etc. It is crucial to fix damaged concrete surfaces so that the damage does not exponentially expand and cause you financial loss. Whether you want to repair an existing commercial extruded curb, or want a new one, get in touch with our Kent concrete curb contractors today!

In addition to providing you with Kent concrete curb contractors, Maxon Paving also provides other asphalt and concrete services and manpower including, but not limited to:

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  • Crack sealing contractors
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Book an appointment with our Kent concrete curb contractors now! Contact Maxon Paving by calling (253) 319-3007.